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Roatan. We Live It, You'll Love It!

Wedding Package

Adventure Package

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Adventure Package Offers

Palmetto may be known as a tranquil eco-resort, but that doesn't mean we don't know how to have serious F U N!

Our adventure package is all about taking you on a Roatan adventure to remember!
Although Roatan is a small island, it packs a seriou
s adventure punch. From spectacular reefs second to none in the world, to high mountain peaks that call to explored. You will enjoy all the adventure Roatan has to offer, with flexibility to choose which adventure, on whichever day suits your mood.

Adventure Package Offers

Relaxation Package

Palmetto's eco-resort was built with intention, to create a serene, tranquil vacation destination. Designed within a nature preserve, you will not hear the rumble of vehicles, vendors and foot traffic disrupting your relaxation time. 
Instead you will find a beach lounger, or hammock to relax and listen to nature's beautiful sounds; wild indigenous birds including several varieties of parrots and North American winter birds, more than a dozen species of butterflies, and feisty little hummingbirds by the hundreds.

Our pure relaxation package was designed specifically for our guests that are over-stressed, over-worked, and desire a rejuvenation within mind, body, and soul.

For most people, phone calls, meetings, family obligations hold people back from calming down and taking a well deserved break. Therefore, a wellness trip can serve as a perfect opportunity to slow down with offers that suit the needs of the individual. 

Relaxation Package Offers

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