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The Cove Restaurant Roatan
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When it comes to relaxed dining in an idyllic setting with great company, The Cove should be high on your list of favorite vacation dining experiences. So, when you come to Roatan we recommend making a reservation with us, at The Cove in Palmetto Bay. With an “old Roatan” feel, and situated perfectly within the gated resort’s beachfront, overlooking the picturesque, unique north shore, simply should not to be missed if you’re looking for a full sensory experience.

As you approach the main entrance to Palmetto Bay Resort, you will be guided by the brightly colored directional signs along the lane. You will enjoy the interwoven lush gardens, nature paths and colorful bungalows. Just to your right, the main private community clubhouse can be seen. The Cove restaurant and bar sits at the foot of the beach-side pool, which acts as the perfect backdrop to this uniquely charming restaurant.
The entrance is welcoming, provides plenty of parking space, the lovely expansive breezeway leads you to the beachfront bar and dining area where you will be greeted by your hostess and led to your table or the bar. All seating provides a fabulous view of the picturesque Palmetto cove where you will quickly unwind to the sounds of gentle lapping of the sea washing ashore.

Guests will appreciate the relaxed, private, atmosphere of this stylish restaurant where the sounds of light island international music blends with the joyful conversation of happy diners, but to some extent the warmth and comfort that make this a memorable dining experience is the friendly staff and the attentive owners of The Cove. Regardless of whether there is a full house, or a table of two, the waiters will always be pleasant, ready to answer questions, offer a recommendation and chat with guests while taking great care of service in the most professional manner. This is especially appreciated by guests during busy holiday seasons where so often dining is reduced to a stressful experience focusing on numbers through the door!

With the creative menu, any selection can become a concern for fear that you might miss the best. From unique seafood menu, to the imported wine selection, you will find selections for the most discerning guests. The Cove staff strives to always be timed and discreet as to not disrupt your conversation. End on a sweet note with one of the many delectable options, like their famous deep-fried ice cream or keylime pie, and a fresh espresso or tea.
The Cove is owned by Stephanie Hickey, who's warmth almost makes you feel you had been invited into her home. The team's dedication and kindness is clearly reflected in the wonderfully relaxed environment. Just as no trip abroad is complete without an evening out with your friends, no visit to Roatan can be fully appreciated without a gastronomic experience at The Cove, Palmetto Bay. A favorite for locals and ex-pats, and a landmark treasure on Roatan.

Buen Provecho!

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